Fast track recovery and minimum complication risk through 3D CAD analysis and patient specific surgery.

Patient Specific 3D Orthopedics

Thanks to 3D orthopedics, high-risk surgeries which are considered impossible under normal circumstances can be ...

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Malunion & Deformity Surgery

Deformity correction surgery implies operations that are carried out for malunion of bone fractures or ...

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Elbow Deformity

Elbow Deformity is a very common skeletal deformity often as a result of trauma to ...

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3D Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement is a surgical procedure to be considered for late degenerative arthritis of ...

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3D Total Knee Replacement

"3D printed patient specific instruments help with proper fitting of the knee replacement components and ...

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Hip Osteonecrosis

3D PATIENT SPECIFIC HIP PRESERVING SURGERY*1 Osteonecrosis is a pathological condition of the bone where ...

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Shoulder Diseases

UNSTABLE SHOULDER (Dislocations) Injuries of labrum, ligaments and similar structures that ensure the stability of ...

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