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3D Orthopedics

"The benefit of the 3D orthopedics is somewhat similar to the benefit of a ruler to draw a straight line. You can also draw a straight line without a ruler, but simply it will not be perfect."

3D ortopedi

 3D computer assisted design and manufacturing technology and patient specific measures ensure better analysis of many orthopedic diseases and precision surgical planning for which the treatment can be regarded as high-risk or even impossible under normal circumstances. It enables preoperative implant adaptation and simulation of possible plans over three-dimensional models thus, it is figured out before  the operation whether the plan will work or not. In addition to all these benefits, 3D printed patient-specific surgical guides are utilized in the operation itself to guarantee flawless bone cuts ensuring complete loyalty to the surgical plan. 

Today, 3D orthopedic surgeries offer perfect accuracy in the correction of bone and joint deformities that were previously considered too risky or impossible.

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