3D Total Knee Replacement

"3D printed patient specific instruments help with proper fitting of the knee replacement components and obtain proper leg alignment, improving overall results including implant longevity."

TKR patient specific instruments literature

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is a degenerative dissease which breaks and tears the fundemantal components of the joint, resulting in pain, decrease in mobility, poor leg alignment and feeling of instability. Total knee replacement can relieve the pain and improve the function for patients, who would not benefit from non-surgical treatment options. Total knee replacement is reserved for the surgical management of the late stage joint degeneration and cartilage damage seen in osteoarthritis patients. The replacement consists of a pair of artificial joints that is used to resurface the degenerated joint.  

3D kişiye özel diz protezi ameliyatı

A surgery restoring the ideal extremity alignment is crucial for both pain relief and longevity of the implant. Classical methods for obtaining desired alignment and determination of implant sizes are dependent on non-specific surgical guides which are prone to user error.The chance of ending-up with malalignment and misfiting implants may be even greater for the obese patient with marked defomity.

3D printed patient specific osteotomy guides are tools that are tailor produced for the knee replacement patient to obtain ideal bone cuts during the surgery. These guides are temporarily mounted by pins to the patient’s knee bones and the slits on the guides are used to make the bone cuts to provide the best possible cut with less room for error. The same technology is used to predetermine the exact implant sizes that will match the patient’s anatomy which is also elemental for good range of motion, pain relief and implant longevity.


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