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Injuries of labrum, ligaments and similar structures that ensure the stability of the shoulder joint are the major cause of shoulder problems that are secondary to severe falls and shooter sports injuries. These injuries particularly have a reputation for easy recurrence and more serious injury to the joint each time. Most of these shoulder problems can be treated with shoulder arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is a surgical method, which is the reflection of the advancement of biomedical technology to the medicine, offers a means to zoom on the surgical site by a video camera and enables usage of surgical tools through a small hole. Since it creates less surgical trauma than open surgery, it provides an opportunity for faster recovery and return to normal life.

The shoulder joint dislocations are the main problems which are so serious that arthroscopic surgery is needed. Joint problems that cause recurrent dislocation of the shoulder joint can negatively affect the daily lives of the patients, make sports activities impossible and even hinder career of professional athletes. Patients treated with arthroscopic surgery, a minimally invasive surgery, not only offers better outcomes, but it also ensures faster recovery. Interactive participation of the patient to the intense physiotherapy program is required to gain all the benefits of the treatment especially for professional athletes and patients with a physically demanding job, and therefore, it may take up to 6 months to engage in works that require physical strength.


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As is the case for recurrent dislocation of the shoulder, ruptured muscles and tendons of the shoulder girdle are among the problems that are commonly treated with the arthroscopic method. Shoulder impingement syndrome makes greater contributions to the tendon ruptures relative to even trauma, and this condition occurs at relatively advanced ages and more commonly in women. In patients with shoulder impingement syndrome, some muscles, and tendons of the shoulder joint wear off, resulting in both pain and instability of the shoulder joint or even degeneration of the joint. If physiotherapy does not help the condition, shoulder arthroscopy is very commonly instituted.

Shoulder arthroscopy eliminates the problems that cause the shoulder impingement syndrome and repairs the possibly accompanying tendon ruptures. When arthroscopic surgery is performed for this purpose, postoperative pain is minimized and postoperative recovery accelerates as 3 or 4 small entry portals holes are used for the surgery. Patients are started on a preplanned physiotherapy 7 to 10 days after arthroscopic shoulder surgery, and a sound physiotherapy will remarkably relieve the pain within 3 to 4 months.


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